As the popularity of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot grows, the chances of forming similar programs for rural areas increases in other provinces.

British Columbia’s Entrepreneur Stream Regional Pilot is expected to open as 2019 begins. The investment requirements and net worth for candidates who come from lower population areas and desires to start a business will be halved.

Rural area business candidates will also enjoy less demanding requirements from other provinces. The Quebec Self-Employed Program requires candidates from the outside of Montreal to deposit only $25,000 for starting up.

Canada is looking for immigrants who are ready to settle in areas with a lower population to help in countering the aging population as well as boosting the labor markets which are shrinking.

Candidates who come via direct provincial programs are usually not retained. Instead, they are moved to cities such as Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver after acquiring a permanent resident status.

It is a clear indication to candidates who could still be struggling to qualify via lager economic streams that still there are high chances of moving to Canada only, but they must accept to settle outside the main cities.

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