With the recent election of Trudeau’s Liberals, Canadians and their families overseas have so many questions regarding changes and potential changes to the immigration policy.

Like many first world countries, Canada has an aging population, a long life expectancy and a decreasing birth rate, so the country depends on immigration to grow in population and economy.

Justin Trudeau has pledged to make family reunification a priority right away. His aim is to welcome new immigrants, extend humanitarian aid and give assistance to refugees in a push to demonstrate compassion and create jobs and long-term economic growth for Canada.

Some critics suggest the scrapping of the Express Entry program and a return to the Skilled Worker Immigration and Canadian Experience Class program that existed before January 1, 2015. The Skilled Worker program was so popular that it soon became over-burdoned—with a backlog lasting over eight years—rendering it unsuccessful only in that it couldn’t serve everyone that it attracted.While it effectively stirred up interest with quality immigrants the program, according to its critics, should be maintained with quotas for each skilled worker category to banish the likelihood of future backlog problems.

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