A resume has to stand out from the proverbial crowd in order to truly capture the attention of potential employer. A few simple steps can be done to help a resume stand out from the crowd.First, be sure the resume has been custom written for the job you are applying. Make sure the resume highlights the experience most applicable for the job. This way, the resume truly speaks to the person reviewing it instead of appearing like little more than a generic job history.

Make the resume easy to read. Employing three different fonts and appropriately using italics and boldface can ensure important points on the resume are not missed.Place the necessary keywords associated with your experience. Certain terms are common associated as main buzz words for a particular career.

Frequently, employers skim resumes looking for these keywords when performing both online searches and when holding hardcopies in their hands reading them.Always highlight any awards or recognitions received. Having work experience is good, but being accomplished in a career is quite impressive.

Clearly pointing out these accolades can really help set you apart from the crowd. Emphasis on leadership can be hugely beneficial. Those with leadership potential are action oriented and self-motivated, two traits potential employees highly prize. Taking the steps to make a resume stand out is very important. If the resume does not stand out, it ends up being lost in a sea of other applicants.