While visiting the country, the immediate family members must meet specific criteria to enter Canada. The new IRCC updates have provided some leeway to Canadians and permanent residents who are looking forward to joining their loved ones in the country. However, they should be;

  • Free of COVID-19 or symptoms of the said virus
  • Ready to self-quarantine for 14 days when entering the country.
  • Coming to the country for non-optional and non-discretionary reasons.
  • Coming to the country to be with their immediate family members. According to IRCC, there is no requirement that the immediate family members have to be in the country first. IRCC wants a smooth family reunion, but it also understands that there is a high likelihood of family members arriving in the country at different times due to the March 18 travel restrictions.
  • Planning to stay in the country for at least 15 days—however, the new updates have provided some flexibility to those planning to be in Canada for less than 15 days.

Documents Required for Immediate Family Trip to Canada

There are two crucial documents IRCC recommends immediate family members to provide before entering Canada. First, they must have proof that their immediate family is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Such documents include a Canadian passport or Canada permanent resident card, among others. Second, proof showing the relationship between them and the immediate family. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other relevant documentation can be used.

IRCC accepts these documents in paper and electronic form for processing and approval. Other essential materials for proof required include copies of immediate family work permit, visitor’s record, written IRCC authorization, and temporary resident permission. The processing is anticipated to become flexible and more efficient with the right and correct documents. When approved, the IRCC will provide a letter to allow the airline to gain you entry into Canada.

Future Plans

In the spirit of facilitating seamless entry into the country, IRCC will soon publish more information that would highlight more information containing instances of non-optional trips for temporary foreign workers (TFWs) and international students.

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