Getting to the 500,000 immigrants mark is not the only thing Canada is looking at. Meeting the needs of the communities and giving them an opportunity to experience success is also a priority. The elaborate plan according to the minister Sean is based on needs and opportunities. The government is keen on making sure it doesn’t exceed the absorptive capacity of the communities while trying to meet the target.

The Canadian government is aware of the rising number of new immigrants. The need for adequate infrastructures such as housing for the existing population and new immigrants is a priority. The federal government in Ottawa is keen to address the matter with minister Sean assuring that the houses will be ready for the new arrivals.

Highlights of the plan to increase the number of immigrants

  • A long-term focus on economic growth, that see the increase of people in the economic class by 60%.
  • Help solve the global crisis and provide a safe environment to those facing persecution from their countries through humanitarian immigration.
  • Providing aid to vulnerable populations by giving permanent residence to refugees who were instrumental in working as health workers during the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Having an overall admission of new immigrants that is 1.14% of the Canadian population by the year 2024.
  • Retaining talents that worked as essential service providers during the pandemic and granting them permanent status. This will apply to those who are temporary residents accepted through limited pathways.

With the Canadian immigration targets being higher than ever, now is the time for anyone interested to start their immigration journey. However, it should be noted that moving to Canada is no walk in the park. The immigration process requires a significant emotional and financial investment but the end results are worth it. The country ranks among the best countries that offer quality life and have a friendly attitude towards immigration. All you need to do is explore your way into a possible pathway to immigrate to Canada.

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