If you have been trying to score a job in Canada, this would be a great time to try your luck. The country has had a massive increase in job vacancies since 2020.
The increase in open jobs was at its highest in the first quarter of 2022. There were 957,500 vacant positions in the country during this period. Statistical reports indicated that during this quarter, the number of job vacancies rose by 72% since the first quarter of 2020. However, between the last quarter of 2021 and the first of 2022, there was only a three percent increase.

Job Vacancies in Different Sectors

The increase in open jobs in Canada between 2020 and 2022 has affected some sectors more than others. The healthcare sector has particularly had an extremely large number of vacant positions during this period. Between the first quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2022, the number of open jobs increased by 91%. By Quarter one of 2022, there were 136,800 vacant jobs in Canada’s healthcare sector. The demand for labor in this sector is immense considering that there was a shortage of workers before 2020.

The retail and manufacturing sectors have also had a significant increase in vacant jobs since 2020. In the first quarter of 2022, the retail industry had 114,600 open jobs, while in manufacturing, 87,400 positions needed employees.

The rate of job availability in the construction industry has equally been high. There were 81,500 vacant positions in this sector by the first quarter of 2022. These vacancies increased by more than seven percent since the previous quarter. Between these two quarters, the number of available positions increased by 5,700.

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