How to Study in Canada and gain Permanent Residence
Let’s take a case example.

Howdy comes to Canada and join a university to pursue a 2-year college business diploma. After graduating, Howdy is eligible for a three-year PGWP. During that period, he takes an entry-level position in Canada based technology firm. After a year’s experience, Howdy has the necessary work experience needed to apply for the Canadian Experience Class program under Express Entry. After successfully submitting his Express Entry profile, Howdy achieves his Canadian immigration goal to get a PR.

More Leeway Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, Canada announced that the international students could begin their diplomas and degrees this fall. With the new PGWP policies, the international students can start their Canadian PR journal in fall 2020.

There is still time for students all over the world to begin their Canadian immigration journey this fall. All you need to do is submit your application to a Canadian post-secondary institution such as colleges and universities designated by the government to accommodate international students (DLIs) and take advantage of the remaining time to obtain a study permit.

If a student completes a course at a DLI of at least two years, s/he will be eligible for the PGWP after completing your qualifying program. The best part is that the student can start the course online and not penalized since there are no international flights due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

Will Online learning this fall make studying in Canada more affordable?

The move to study online will help international students save on living expenses. After Covid-19 is behind us, the students will move to Canada and continue their studies while working. Since Canada is rated to be among the least expensive destination for international students, the jobs will help them support themselves and save some cash for the future.

Education Scholarship Adds Icing to the Most Lucrative Education Package

Imagine beginning your college education as an international student from the comfort of your home, get a scholarship that significantly slashes the fee that you could have paid, and after moving to Canada, you get the right to work while studying. And on top of that all, you earn more points that help you receive an invitation to apply for PR. Is that not amazing?

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