Each year, the Canadian Immigration Department has been processing several applications and approved thousands of immigrants into Canada. Besides, the number kept increasing each year based on the Immigration Level Plan and expected to be even more in 2030. During the wake of the coronavirus disease, different countries faced difficulties in providing essential services to its citizens. Canada was no exception.

Benefits of Immigrants in Canada

According to the Federal Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino, different sectors in the Canadian economy depend on foreign workers for skills and techniques to handle various tasks. The same is witnessed during the outbreak of COVID-19 as foreign workers provide a hand to help those in need of essential services. That is, many foreign workers are called upon to handle different roles and help the federal government manage the crisis. Some of the services offered by foreign workers include food supply, operating healthcare facilities, and caregivers.

Generally, immigrants in Canada help expand the labor force and, in turn, promote the growth of the economy. To a large extent, immigrants have introduced new skills in the country that create new opportunities and encourage productivity. In Canada, the increase in immigrants has curbed the demand for employees required to hold specific positions in different businesses.

Immigration and COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada

The outbreak of coronavirus put a stop to everything in Canada and around the globe. Marco stated that Canada was faced with the challenge of managing the rise in unemployment rates, containing the virus, and providing essential services to Canadians. Again, there was a reluctance to process immigration applications from candidates. As such, all requests were halted until when the pandemic ends.

Most immigration offices remained closed, and delays in processing applications were experienced. However, some online applications remained functional. The immigration department announced recently that all entries would remain viable, including those whose deadlines have elapsed. These remarks were agreed with the Federal Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino, on conducting consistent and orderly immigration processes.

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