6. Canadians wear Toques on their heads to keep their ears warm during cold winter

The height of winter in Canada is freezing cold in regions like Toronto and Montreal. Temperatures can fall to -20 degrees Celsius. Canadians living in these regions wear Toques to prevent their ears from freezing.

7. Toronto is Canada’s most multicultural city

Toronto is often referred to as the most multicultural city globally because about half of its population was born out of Canada. The city has 200 ethnic groups and more than 140 languages spoken. Statistically, 57% of people living in Toronto are immigrants. And this is buoyed by the fact that the Charter of Rights and Freedom recognizes multiculturalism.

8. Montreal city has the most restaurants per capita in Canada

Montreal, located in the province of Quebec, makes a great claim to have the most restaurants per capita in Canada. With more than 5,000 restaurants in the metro island area, this city is thought to have a restaurant in every corner of the street.

9. 20% of the globe’s freshwater is in Canada

This is because Canada has the highest number of lakes in the world (about 31,752 square kilometers). The high number of lakes provides people a great way of swimming in the summer.

10. Canada plans to welcome more than 1 million immigrants in the next one year

Canada has a plan to welcome over 1 million immigrants, mostly young skilled workers with their families, to stimulate its growing economy. The process will happen through The Federal Express Entry System.

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