Montreal Michel Leblanc, the president of the chamber of commerce, spoke out in the media concerning the danger the labor market is likely to face due to older adults in the workplace. He said the workforce is becoming less aggressive, and skill gaps are increasing, which may be as a result of advancement in technology in the workplace. The old, therefore, have become less productive in the businesses; hence, new staff is required to bring up the company on another dimension of the current era.He, therefore, suggested calibrating on the investment strategies focusing on the local people and having efficient immigration plans. There is a call for all political parties contesting in the 2019 general election to enforce superior skills training for emigrant employees and come up with effectual immigration strategies. The request is a sound from the eight biggest chambers of commerce boards of trade in Canada.

Talent recommendation

The aged will retire from the workforce, and for business to prosper, the authority needs to coax a facilitation immigration strategy for prosperity to be achieved. This will be done by;

  • Uphold and implement policies on global skills
  • Initiate a principled employer plan
  • Nurturing the rampant students

The council postulated that there is a need also to ensure that nurturing of endemic students, upholding and implementation policies on global skills, and initiation of employer strategy to minimize requests for business, which has records of verification. Michel Leblanc said in a press that Canada is focusing on the global scene in standardizing its education, the effect on immigration systems, and its level of innovation. Also, he said Canada needs to reinforce the variables to uphold attractiveness, training and maintaining of talents among its people.

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