What do ordinary Canadians think about the country’s immigration program? Let us find out. The statistics are out, and more than half of Canadian citizens are entirely behind this incredible system. The Canadian Government has a target of bringing in up to 330,000 newcomers under the immigration program. This program is impressive, and the 330 000 figure is merely an estimate. The number could even be more.

Where are the figures coming from? Here lies the answer. The Agnus Reid Institute polled to ask the public what they think about the Canadian immigration program, which targets foreign workers. The results were remarkable with the public backing this move, and this is a good thing since there is general citizens goodwill.

The survey posed the question to over 1500 Canadians of diverse backgrounds and ages. Out of those surveyed, 39% felt that the target of 330,000 is reasonable enough considering all the factors that made the Government set that figure.

There was another group of respondents at 13% who feel the number should be a bit high. They think that the 330,000 figure is not reasonable and should be a little bit higher, and we should have more newcomers applying for permanent residency.
In most surveys, some respondents usually disagree, and this is not an exception. There was a group of 40% of respondents who disagree with the Government’s plan to bring in over 330,000 foreigners. They feel the figure is too high, and probably they have their reasons to oppose the Government plan. Notably, a mere 8% of the respondents are indifferent. They do not know whether to agree or not to agree with the figures.

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