Wondering how to create the perfect Express Entry profile? You’ve reached the perfect place! Here’s a guide that will push you on top of the other applicants.

The Express Entry system has replaced the former paper based first-come first-serve application system. It is an online application management system in which applicants are pooled together and ranked against each other. The candidates ranking the highest are given an ITA – Invitation To Apply – for permanent residence. These candidates are chosen through period computer generated draws.

If you are thinking of entering this program, then the first thing to do is assess your eligibility for the same. Next is creating your profile.

Profile Ranking

Profiles are ranked based on age, educational qualifications, work experience, adaptability factors, spouse-related factors, etc. The CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System – grants points for each factor. A high CRS score is a sure shot way to increase your chances of receiving an ITA and thus immigrating to Canada. Hence, it is crucial to make the best possible Express Entry profile.


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