1. Assessing Your Eligibility

Many applicants do not take the initial eligibility assessment seriously. However, if done right, this step will make the final procedure of creating your exclusive Express Entry profile easier and simpler. Always provide as detailed and accurate information as possible, preferably with documented proof for a credible preliminary assessment.

This will also allow you more time to speculate the different factors that impact your CRS score and to take proactive action for creating your perfect profile and boosting you score in order to help you receive an ITA at the earliest.

  1. Apply At An Early Age for High Human Capital Ranking

If your age is between 20 to 29 years, the CRS grants you the highest score of 110 points. If you are applying for Express Entry with an accompanying spouse, then it allots you 100 points.

The points allotted for people of ages higher than 30 drops off drastically. Though delaying the submission of your profile will earn you greater work experience, you might hit the limit for age penalty if you delay too long. Your Express Entry profile is valid only for one year. However, the sooner you submit, the better.

  1. Improve your Educational Qualifications

The CRS places a high value on education. A high school graduate will score just 30 points while a Master’s degree holder scores 135 and a Ph.D. holder gets the highest score of 150 points.

You need to invest time, effort and money to improving academic credentials. However, if you have the resources, then furthering your education will have a massive payoff on your CRS score.  If you just hold a high school diploma, then consider enrolling for a one-year degree program. If you hold a Bachelor’s, you might apply for a certification course which can increase your score up to 10 points.

As the Express Entry has a validity period of one year, doing a one-year degree course will boost your ranking immensely.

  1. Do Not Ignore The Foreign Education Credentials Assessment

The Educational Credential Assessment evaluates how your qualification is comparable to the equivalent acquired in Canada. This assessment gives you the final score under the Educational Qualification tab. Get your credentials assessed to claim as many CRS points as possible. You can do so with the help of subject matter experts who have experience dealing with the Canadian education system. If your score falls short, then you can consider doing a one-year degree program.

  1. Boosting Your Language Proficiency

Acing your IELTS or any other language assessment test can help increase your score dramatically. It is the quickest way to boost your profile. Take the IELTS as early as possible. If you score lower than ideal, you may retake the exam to obtain a better score.

  1. Foreign Work Experience

The NOC – National Occupational Classification Matrix is used by the CRS to grant points for work experience. This Matrix assigns every skill level and occupation a four-digit code. Identifying the proper code will help create an incredible Express Entry profile. The minimum required is Skill Type 0, Level A, or Level B.

  1. Comprehensive Details

You need to prove your skill level and work experience with accurate documentation to receive an ITA. Choose the code that accurately matches your job description. Don’t worry about the title. With the right code, you will be able to significantly improve your score.

  1. Don’t Forget your Spouse

CRS also considers whether you are going to be accompanies by your spouse or common-law partner. Your partner’s capabilities will boost your profile. Sometimes, if your spouse is the principal applicant, you might actually find a more competitive score.

Keep these crucial tips aside when you are creating your profile to make sure that nothing is missed. All the best on getting permanent residence.


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