Given the present global economic condition finding a job is not an easy task at all. Gone are the days where people could join and leave jobs at will. Nowadays things have become a lot more complicated and small mistake could cost you your career.

Prior to applying for any kind of job, candidates must ensure that they have the following documents of theirs in place.

  • A resume or CV

It is of paramount importance that candidates have both a hard as well as soft copy of their CV before they apply for any job. This CV must be well thought out and presentenced. Apart from having a well written resume, you must ensure that all the details are up to mark. Experienced recruiters can easily tell when someone has put merely five minutes of thought into a resume.

  • Functioning Laptop

In this age of gadgets all candidates applying for jobs in high end companies ought to have their own laptop. Getting things done on a smart phone or tab proves to be highly impossible especially because the screen is simply too small.

  • Proper contact details

All candidates must ensure that they have proper contact details to put on their resume and to give in their job application. Giving incorrect or insufficient contact details can often result in missing out on great projects and opportunities.

  • Work attire ready to go

Clothes should not be the most important thing on your mind, but having a good set of clothes for your interview will go a long way in helping you look good and feel confident.


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