• In depth knowledge about the field

If you lie on your resume it won’t be long before you are caught out on your lie. So if you have mentioned something on your CV ensure that it is the truth. Beware that news in the corporate world travels fast, so if you lie you might well be blacklisted by some major corporate giants.

  • Educational certificates in place

To bag a good job you need to prove that you have educational qualifications to back up your skill. So do keep all your papers in order and even make multiple photocopies of the same.

  • Portfolio or Look book

Based on the field you are in you might need to carry your portfolio along with you to your interview. So do make sure you have prepared a stellar portfolio.

These are some important things to get done prior to your interview. However before any of this can happen an applicant needs to need his or her job application to the company. At such a time candidates have various questions that plague their mind. These questions are pertaining to how the resume should be sent in, should it be personally handed in or emailed? Or How detailed should the CV be? However one of the most popular questions that candidates have is – When sending in a job application via mail, how is the cover letter to be sent?

Though this is a very pointed question, there is no hard and fast rule that needs to be followed. In such a case you can opt for any of the following approaches.

  1. Send in the Cover Letter as an Attachment

Sending the cover letter as a separate attachment is always a good idea if you are someone who is very particular about things. In this way the company cannot penalise you for not sending in a separate cover letter. Since you are sending the cover letter as a whole other segment ensure that it is particularly well drafted and convincing. When sending the cover letter in this manner you cannot afford to be very informal but ensure that your letter reads well.

  1. Send the cover letter as the body of the email itself

There are many who prefer to send in the cover letter as a part of the main email themselves. This is something that is not incorrect. The main advantage of opting for this method is that it gives you a little leeway to use informal language. This certainly does not mean that you can use short forms or address the recruiter on a first name basis.

There is one more things which you as a candidate should shy away from doing at all costs that is sending in a cover letter as both an attachment as well as an email. Why should you not do this? Because it creates a very bad impression in the mind of the individuals who is readying your cover letter. It will seem as though you are someone who keeps reiterating the same thing over and over again. The corporate world is such that recruiters love brevity. Time means money so everything is carried out quick and in a fuss free manner.


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