Differences Between PNP and Express Entry

  • Those who don’t get a chance in Express Entry can use PNP, but they must qualify for regional labor needs.
  • Express Entry is fast compared to PNP. People who get nominated get an additional 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). With this, the candidate gets an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence.
  • Processing times are longer for Express Entry disqualified candidates. Under IRCC, the process takes 19 months. Also, one has to wait for a maximum of 3 months for their application to get processed. But those who get an ITA through PNP, the process takes six months or less.
  • Express Entry is the best choice for qualified candidates. Entry is free, and besides, one is better positioned to get an ITA. The candidate also stands a chance to get an invitation for permanent residence through PNP. To boost permanent residence scores, the candidate can directly apply to a PNP.

The federal fee for permanent residence, however, varies for between couples and single people. Single people pay $1325, whereas couples pay $1325 per person and an additional $225 for every dependent child.

Final Thoughts

Canada continues to get high numbers of immigration applicants amidst the pandemic. It shows the country has the best programs to help immigrants get jobs and permanent residence.

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