Canada’s trucking industry is vital to the country’s economy, and in recent years, the industry has been booming. However, there is one bump on the road—Canada does not have enough truck drivers to satisfy the industry’s demand. If you’re an employer looking to hire international drivers, buckle up and explore the following step-by-step guide on transitioning smoothly.

The process of Hiring a Truck Driver from Overseas in Canada

Hiring overseas truck drivers involves more than just offering a job opening. It’s a comprehensive process designed to tick all the legal and logistics boxes.

1.Assess the Labor Market
First and foremost, identify your company’s labor requirements, evaluating whether hiring a truck driver from overseas is necessary. Proceed to the next stage when no Canadian or permanent resident drivers are available to fill the role, and you have to bring in a foreign worker.

2.Obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment
The second step is obtaining an LMIA from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This will verify that you genuinely need a foreign worker to fill the position and have advertised the job to Canadian citizens and permanent residents for the specific period outlined by ESDC.

3.Obtain a Work Permit Application
Once you have obtained the Labor Market Impact Assessment, the prospective driver can apply for the position. To get a work permit, the prospecting driver must meet the eligibility criteria, follow the application process and include a job offer letter, contract and confirmation of the LMIA as supporting documents.

4.Get a Temporary Resident Visa
The visa process varies depending on the driver’s country of residence. They may need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Canada.

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