Over the last few weeks, Canada’s Nominee Programs (PNP) has encouraged interested parties to apply for provincial nominations. Each province and territory gets to manage the operations of their regional nominee programs, except for Quebec and Nunavut. Canada’s respective provinces have different immigration programs to guide how the PNPs are run.

Due to the varying immigration programs, each territory has adopted different criteria for selecting foreign employees that fit the bill for Canadian permanent residence. The respective criteria are crucial because each government chooses individuals who are best suited to settle local labor market needs.

Canada’s Provincial Nomination Program is projected to result in over 80,000 immigrants getting permanent residents between 2021 and 2023. These numbers make PNP the primary route to obtain permanent residence and future citizenship. So how do Provincial Nominee Programs work? It’s pretty simple—PNPS allows provinces to vouch for outstanding immigrants that have proven themselves to be an integral part of social and economic aspects of the community.

Types of Canada’s PNPs

There are two types of PNPs; base and enhance PNPs.

Base nomination systems work outside the express system. They operate in this manner because the respective provinces manage them, and the system is subject to particular PNP streams and procedural standards. Any candidate that qualifies for a Base nomination has to go through a process to gain permanent residency. These candidates are required first to prove that they are eligible for a PNP pathway. If successful, the candidates get a certificate which they then use to apply for permanent residency with the federal government.

Enhanced nomination streams on the other hand work hand in hand with the express entry system. Most provinces search the Express Entry pool provided by the federal government to find candidates that qualify. Once a region picks candidates and sent invites, an incentive is provided. Any candidate who gets the provincial nomination through the enhanced provincial streams gets an automatic leg up to 600 points. These points give them a 99% chance at a permanent residence in any later draws.


April was a hectic month for this province. Over 1000 immigrant candidates were fortunate to receive invites. May saw a significant drop in activities with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Manitoba held two draws in May and issued 382 letters of advice to immigrant candidates. The candidates that received these letters were from the following Provincial Nominee Program streams: Skilled workers in Manitoba, International Education Stream, and Skilled Workers Overseas. A lucky 32 candidates were lucky to proceed to Express Entry Candidates.

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