Finding employment in Canada is perhaps the most crucial part of the immigration process. It’s important for migrants to carefully consider what options are available for them, and plan thoroughly. Finding employment can be a daunting task; therefore, we recommend you follow this general guide to aid in your success.

1. Make sure you’re qualified. One of the most important aspects of finding employment after immigrating to Canada is to make sure you meet the qualifications for the job. Prior to immigrating it is important to make sure that your educational achievements are accredited in Canada. Many professions in a wide range of fields, such as teaching, medical, social work, accounting, etc., require additional accreditation in order for you to practice. If you find that you lack the qualifications research how you can become accredited in Canada and plan your migration accordingly.

2. Prepare your resume. It’s important to tailor your resume to meet the requirements of each employer. Many candidates make the mistake of sending the same resume and cover letter to several employers, without realizing that companies often communicate with one another. Poorly written resumes can leave an unfavourable impression on a potential employer so it’s important to understand the objective of each job post. It’s important to keep your resume concise to make the best first impression.


3. Be selective in your job search. Many candidates respond to job postings online or in newspaper. This is perhaps one of the least effective methods of finding employment. Companies most likely get several applications for those job offers and it become difficult for a candidate to stand out or to tailor their resume according to those generic posts. Cold calling, networking, and informational interviews are far more effective methods of finding employment.


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