Courtesy of the Canadian Government, the decision was approved on March 20. The current draw in the cut-off CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score was 452. There was a reduction of two points in comparison to the minimum score that was presented in the previous Express Entry draw that took place on March 6. More than 21,200 people were obliged to apply for Canadian citizenship. These people included refugees as well as people who have emigrated from other countries. The registration will take place through the Express Entry System.

In 2018, the Canadian Government invited 14,500 people for the registration process. There has been an increase of 6,700 individuals. The IRCC will set a new record since Canada has set a higher target when it comes to the admission rates. Additionally, the immigration categories are as follows: Federal Skilled Trade Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class, and the Canadian Experience Class.

If a person is eligible for any of the categories that have been listed, they are enlisted in the Express Entry pool. They also receive a ranking score that is dependent on various factors including their age, work experience, education, as well as their understanding of English and French. The IRCC then invites a specific number of people who have high scores. These people then apply for the Canadian permanent residence through the regular laws from the Express Entry pool.

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