Congratulations on the decision to move to Canada, but now what? The first step is to decide what program is right for you. The first thing to decide is whether you want to stay temporarily or if you would like to migrate to Canada altogether. If you are looking at a temporary stay, then you will have to apply for the temporary visa. If not, then you have to apply for a permanent residence. Understanding the difference between these two types will help you decide which one you are best suited for.

Temporary Visa

The temporary visa allows expatriates to stay in Canada for a short span of time. During your stay in Canada, you are permitted to perform specific activities based on the guidelines of your visa. Once the temporary visa expires, you have to exit the country.

If you plan on staying only for a short time, then a Canadian temporary visa might be the right call. However, if you want a permanent residence, then you have reach certain qualifications. To reach these, you may come to Canada for employment or as a student. Following are the various types of permits.


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