Immigration is and will continue to be fundamental aspect in Canada’s economic growth and societal development. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphasized this on the governments supplementary mandate letter furnished to the immigration minister, Marco Mendicino.

The mandate letter is a crucial policy document in the immigration sector. It defines the goals that the Prime Minister expects the immigration minister and the IRCC to pursue as their government remains in power. It also contains crucial information such as: Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan, new immigrations for IRCC to create and Improving IRCC’s application processing times.

The letter was released shortly after Canada revealed the phenomenal 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan. According to the new plan, Canada targets to welcome over 400000 immigrants per year which will be recorded as the highest in history.

The new letter is a supplement to the one that the Prime Minister previously handed the immigration minister in December 2019. It is particularly important as it as the government opened a new parliamentary session in September. Besides, it also includes new objectives emanating from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Key Priorities as Stated By the Letter

To Welcome More Immigrants

Bringing in more newcomers will enhance Canada’s economic recovery and growth as tabled in the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan through:

  • Intensifying pilot programs which will attract more skilled refugees landing through economic immigration streams
  • Keep supporting expediting family reunification
  • Continue to work on sectorial and regional pilot programs

Permanent Residence Guaranteed to All Covid Health Care Workers

The Canadian government has been working to provide permanent residence pathways to those who were in the frontline during the Covid crisis. These are the health care workers who offered their services in health facilities and long term care homes.

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