Enhance the care and Protection on Canadian Boarders

The government is working in solidarity with the Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and the Minister of Health. Together, they are determined to protect and enhance the health and safety of the Canadian people. As such, each of Canada’s ports of entry will be guarded responsibly, fiercely and compassionately.

Explore Additional Permanent Residence Pathways for Foreign Workers

Here is some good news for the temporary foreign workers as the Prime Minister insists on exploring pathways for their proper settlement. He also stresses in the need to continue working with the Minister of Employment, Disability Inclusion and Workforce Development. By doing so, they will be able to protect workers who are most vulnerable to coronavirus. At the same time, they will be able to secure enough labor force to fill the gaps in the farming and food processing industry.

Empowering and Integrating Foreign Workers Through PNP Streams

Work with provinces and territories to provide high-quality settlement support and services to the newcomers. This includes French language training while paying attention to the jurisdiction and complementary measures.

The new letter does not include any new goals and plainly entails the goals pursued by the Canadian government during its time in power. However, it includes a few additional goals stated in the December 2019 supplementary letter, which the immigration department is still pursuing. The parting shot of today’s release is Canada’s commitment to operating its immigration system amid the pandemic. The goal is to heighten the new comers’ skills and talents in rebuilding and supporting its economy after the pandemic.

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