Are you seeking greener pastures? If so, the Canadian IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), a window currently granting citizenship to at least 300 000 people this fiscal year, is your ultimate solution. The IRCC process also facilitates 285,000 processed decisions that may decide whether you can reach the Canadian borders or not. The IRCC plan targets at least 300,000 new Canadian citizens by late March 2023, and if you’re seeking a bright and new future in Canada, then the IRCC offer is your perfect option.

What Does this Decision Imply for Applicants Seeking Canadian Citizenship?

The Canadian citizenship award applicants may get their application requests approved, denied, or marked as incomplete. But based on the pre-determined targets, at least 300,000 applicants must receive and take the approval of the “Canadian Oath of Citizenship” in person or under virtual setups before citizenship is accorded.

The 285 000 applicants’ target achieved out of the 300 000 is modest compared to the 2021-2022 pre-pandemic level when 253,000 applicants were granted citizenship in 2019-2020. So, your chances are high, and you can be part of the trial if you want to be part of the Canadian dream.

How is IRCC Solving the Canadian Citizenship Quest Problem?

The IRCC seeks to process more citizenship applications by embracing the online process instead of paper-based citizenship applications. In early 2020, the organization was only able to process a few applications because of the COVID-19 complications that delayed the citizenship application process. The department only processed applications that were received at a central mailing location.

The pandemic’s challenge led to the cancellation of all events. The IRCC couldn’t carry out interviews and all oath swearing, which was part of the swearing-in at citizenship award ceremonies. These challenges prompted the digital application process because it was noted to be inherently convenient as early as November 2020.

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