In other industries, the number of job vacancies did not increase much. However, numerous job vacancies were available in Quarter One of 2022. In the technical, professional, and scientific service sectors, the number of open jobs was 68,800. The change from the last quarter of 2021 was insignificant.

The food and accommodation industries had a decrease in the rate of job availability. Between the last quarter of 2021 and the first one of 2022, the number of available jobs decreased by 12%. Nonetheless, the sectors needed numerous employees as the number of vacant positions was 133,800.

Why Canada’s Job Vacancies are Increasing

You might be wondering why so many jobs have nobody to fill them. The high availability of open jobs came due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The disease posed a threat to peoples’ lives and took some of them.
COVID-19 spreads fast in where there is a high rate of physical interaction among people. Therefore, it was necessary that people stayed home to reduce their chances of infection.

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