In Canada, people are constantly looking for part time work to supplement their income and be financially independent. Whether as a parent trying to take care of your family, or you go to school and need extra money, there are many part-time jobs all over Canada. Some people use these part-time occupations to get industry knowledge before launching their firm.

The following are the best 20 part-time jobs in Canada that will help you make additional cash in 2024.

Waiters and Waitresses

The thriving hospitality sector in Canada offers part-time jobs as a waiter in dining establishments, cafes, and pubs. People who love interacting with people and have a penchant for offering top-notch customer service would be great in this role.

Nanny or Babysitter

Individuals who love working with kids are in great demand for part-time babysitting or nanny positions. Parents often search for trustworthy nannies to watch their kids on the weekends or after work.

Merchandiser in Retail

Retail merchandisers work part-time and are responsible for presenting and organizing merchandise appealingly. This line of work is essential to keeping a visually pleasing store setting.


If you have a specialty, you might want to think about teaching part-time. You may make money and help people with this employment. Tutors are often used by students and their parents to assist with homework and preparing for exams.

Driver for Uber/Lyft

Become a driver for companies like Lyft or Uber to have an adaptable part-time job. Driving could be a great method for earning extra income if you can set your own working hours, especially in crowded cities.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative jobs that are part-time offer substantial office experience along with the chance to increase your salary. Administrative assistants are crucial to the smooth running of businesses since they handle everything from appointments to data input.

Sales Associate in Retail

Working as a retail sales associate will provide you the chance to show merchandise, engage with customers, and support a variety of retail establishments. For this role, people with excellent communication and customer service skills are suitable.

Content Producer

Writing enthusiasts can work on various projects by freelancing and charging for their services on a project-by-project basis.

From creating blog posts to other forms of content creation, freelance writing lets you show off your abilities, make money, and even have the potential to make you renowned.


Working as a barista part-time allows you to practice brewing coffee while engaging with clients. Coffee shops and cafes usually provide flexible hours to accommodate individuals seeking part-time employment.

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