Did you know that other than the Express Entry there are easier ways in which you can attain a Canadian permanent residence? Express Entry, an immigration application system allows individuals to submit their profiles so that they can be considered as qualified immigrants.

The qualifications are based on one’s skills, such that candidates with the highest-ranking are invited for a permanent residency application. The candidates are ranked based on the score achieve under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The ratings are awarded based on some aspects, including age, education level, work experience, and proficiency in English and French. Candidates who meet all the requirements will then receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence through regular draws.

A candidate must attain a minimum CRS score of 438 to 470 to qualify for the program. As per August 15, 2019, results show that approximately 13% of the candidates achieved the rating. Those who do not make it in the draw end up in frustrations. Luckily, those whose scores are below the requirements or do not have an Express Entry profile, there is still hope. There is a range of other streams that they can use to get their permanent residence, all which have been super active in 2019.

The streams are connected to Canada’s PNP, which lets the participating provinces to pick some immigration candidates who wish to apply for Canadian permanent residence. The qualifying candidates are mostly those with unique talents that are rare in the labor markets.

There has been more than 160 draws done through the provincial streams since January 2019, which is quite a high number compared to the 17 invitation rounds done via Express Entry. It is no longer a requirement that you have to achieve the minimum score in Express Entry for your dream to live in Canada to come true. There are other potential opportunities for everyone, and you only need to figure out how to qualify. The best part is that no CRS is required.

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