There are two types of PNS or provincial nomination streams which are;

The enhanced nomination streams – these are linked to Express Entry. All the two territories and nine provinces that engage in PNP fall under this category

Base nominations streams – they are not connected with Express Entry

Most of these alternative streams hold their draws separately, and they mostly have a lower minimum CRS score requirement compare to Express Entry draws. For instance, this year, Alberta invited candidates whose score was as low as 300. Others such as Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan did not consider the scores at all.

Those who qualify for application via enhanced nomination streams do so through a provincial nomination. The successful candidates get extra 600 points towards Express Entry CRS score and are guaranteed that they will get an application for Canadian permanent residence.

Each province has its base streams that are not linked with Express Entry. This is advantageous for candidates that fail to qualify for the Express Entry but have the required skills and education by the particular province. Some provinces, on the other hand, value specific occupations and qualification such as daycare workers, doctors, or truck drivers to determine if one qualifies to apply. You may also get an opportunity for permanent residence in Canada through scholarship or family connection.