As most of the continent experiences record-setting low employment rates, Canada can take a sigh of relief as employment reaches pre-pandemic levels. The situation keeps improving as employment continues to increase for very recent immigrants. The Canadian labor market recorded 157,000 jobs in the second week of September 2021.

Several provinces had introduced a proof of vaccination requirement for anyone wishing to visit public spaces like gyms and restaurants. This requirement only applies to non-essential places or venues. To calculate the employment rate, scientists calculate the part of the population 15 and over-employed. Using this method of calculating, the employment rate was 60.9 percent. This rate is 0.9 shy of employment rates recorded in February 2020.

The unemployment rates in Canada also dipped in September, reaching 6.9 percent. This rate is 0.9 percent lower than the unemployment rates recorded last year. If we factor in population growth, this almost evens the unemployment rates. Unemployment rates have been steadily declining for four consecutive months, increasing the likelihood that the trend will continue.

Because employment and unemployment are on opposite ends of a seesaw, one rises steadily as the other maintains a steady descent. New immigrants have had the better end of this progress as employment rates increased 71 percent after maintaining a steady ascent. Despite the high unemployment rates that plagued Canada towards the end of last year, the country did not increase immigration numbers.

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