The decision to maintain the immigration number paid off as the improved statistics hinges on the steady number of newcomers. Some industries have, however, seen an increased number of new immigrants get employed. These industries include professional, technical, and scientific services. Other industries displaying this trend include finance, real estate, leasing, rental, and insurance. Scientists have attributed this trend to the consistent growth of these industries.

Another interesting trend is older immigrants have a reduced rate of employment rate by one percent. Canadian-born citizens also saw a drop in their employment rates down by two percent. These two demographic groups seem to have gotten the brunt of the employment changes. This progress is not to say that some industries are not struggling to attain pre-Covid numbers. Industries like the hospitality industry, accommodation, and food services are yet to see any improvement.

Employment in retail also declined in September. Some industries like the goods production industry saw little to no change between April and June. Few people expected the manufacturing and natural resources industry to make a comeback, but they proved everyone wrong and recorded growth in September.


The bottom line is Canada seems to be on the meant after months of agonizing employment rates. We expect the country to make a full recovery in the next couple of months. Employment improvements will improve the lives of all Canadian citizens.

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