TRB is Now up by over 200,000 Persons

As of 29th April, the temporary residence backlog stood at 1,200,791

persons. It has now skyrocketed by 216,382 to 1,471,173 persons. To some extent, we can view the growth of the temporary residence inventory as normal, especially at this time of the year. And you can tell the existence of an essential seasonal component to temporary residence applications mainly because of particular segments intending to visit Canada between spring and fall.

International students are an excellent example of this situation. Most of them usually submit their study permit applications during this period. This way, they can start their studies in the country by the beginning of the academic year, often in late August and early September.

In another example, you realize that it is common for more individuals to submit more Temporary Residence Visa applications during this season primarily because they intend to come to Canada during the warmer months, usually between the spring and autumn.

Is there any Exception?

Canada Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) is the primary exception. We established that since March, it has been available to Ukrainians wanting to go to Canada. According to IRCC’s website information, there has been 296,163 CUAET received applications between 17th March and 8th June.

And as such, we have seen the overall TRV inventory growing from 621,451 as of 29th April to the current 771,482 persons. Meanwhile, the work permit inventory has also increased to 236,735 persons compared to 189,061. The study permit backlog is on a similar trend, having grown to 173,353 persons compared to 132,280 persons.

And that’s without forgetting the work permit extensions inventory, which has also increased to 171,998 compared to 144,842 persons.

So What is the Canadian Government Doing?

Toward the end of January, IRCC updated the public about its efforts to accomplish more of its application processing standards, manage its inventory, and modernize the immigration system. Your guess is correct! All this includes hiring more staff and making more significant investments in technology.

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