Did you know that Canada has been working on a new fast-track immigration program for international students and temporary foreign workers for some time now? According to what we compiled from Sean Fraser’s (the Immigration Minister) interview with CBC News, temporary residents will soon have this new program as their permanent pathway. Although the program will be similar to the Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence program, it will not be identical.

Can you remember the TR2PR program? Last year, it opened the door to 90,000 international student graduates and essential employees.

What was Fraser’s Assignment?

Fraser was appointed Canada’s Immigration Minister and immediately mandated to expand pathways to Permanent Residence for temporary foreign workers and international students. Now that the Immigration Minister has approximately 120 days remaining to complete developing the program and release a strategy to accomplish these targets as a motion passed in the Canadian House of Commons dictated, what has he done so far?

Fraser makes us understand that the task ahead of him and its identified deadline put him on a clock to develop a framework to help him establish the new permanent residency pathway. We expect that Fraser will give further details of his new program for temporary foreign employees and international students by 8th September, when his 120-day time limit is up.

The Express Entry Changes

You can expect to see multiple changes concerning the Express Entry. For example, Canada is looking to invite Canadian Experience Class once again and Federal Skilled Worker Program candidates to apply for a permanent residence this July. Additionally, Bill C-19 is currently traversing the Senate and is on a journey toward becoming law.

So, suppose you are an Express Entry Candidate. In that case, this soon-to-become law will give IRCC the power to invite you into the pool based on French-language ability, education credential, occupation, or any other economic goal. And therefore, it will be required for the IRCC to participate in a public consultation process.

Through such engagement, IRCC will be best positioned to choose the groups of Express Entry candidates that will receive invitations. Additionally, IRCC must present a detailed report to Parliament every year. The report will describe the economic purpose that was sought in every instance.

How Can You Come to Canada as a Temporary Resident?

Being in Canada is not always a requirement to qualify for an immigration program. However, did you know that research findings have proven that immigrants with Canadian experience have more occurrences of employment and higher wages in their first years after landing in the country than those who immigrated directly?

Such study findings tell you that Canadian work experience and study are also potential pathways to opening the doors to many more immigration programs. And to get the chance to study in Canada, a Designated Learning Institution needs to accept you while obtaining a study permit.

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