Recent immigrants continue to see an upward trend in employment, thanks primarily to the reduced number of new arrivals. This is especially true for those who landed within the past five years and have seen their rate climb up nearly six percentage points from last year’s figures (70%).

It’s interesting to see how Canadians born in the country stack up against
Canadians not born here, but residing in Canada for five years or more. Those with Canadian-born parents had an unemployment rate of nearly 59%. Still, it decreased one and a half percentage points per year when you compare them with people who don’t share these qualities and their immigrant counterparts.

In August, the employment rate for visible minorities reached a record high. It’s almost five percentage points higher than last year. It is no surprise considering this is being experienced all over Canada: in Vancouver, where Filipino Canadians saw their rates shoot up by four-tenths to reach 78%, with Black Canadian unemployment at 72%. White workers, meanwhile, were stable around 71%.

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