More than 1 million immigrants are welcome to Canada every year thanks to the selection programs introduced in 2011. The IRC is still focusing on the reunification of these families. Until now, more than ten thousand families get approval to be part of the growing economy as permanent residents. According to the recent program delivery update, IRCC is planning to offer one round of invitation to apply as permanent residents for the parents and grandparents program (PGP) as part of the 2020 immigration intake.

Families who receive visas are spouses and partners. The other category is parents of PR visa holders as well as citizens. The PGP program is still seeing the admission of several immigrants into the country.

Despite the global pandemic destroying several economies and fanning nationalism globally, Canadians are still optimistic that the program will oversee people’s successful admission into the country.

The three-week period of intake closed on November 3. IRC is now randomizing submissions, removing various duplicates, and finally sending invitations for applications. It is anticipated that time is not on the applicant’s side, and therefore, parents and grandparents will not be able to complete their applications.

Consequently, sponsorship applications from the 2020 fall intake phase have been pushed to early 2021. IRC will then accept up to 10,000 sponsorship applications for the PGP in a ministerial instructions report.

Applications received before 2020 ends will not be counted as part of the year’s application. It will be counted as part of the 2021 application, which should admit up to 30,000 people. Even so, the maximum may quickly be changed with new instructions provided by the minister of immigration.

If you apply this year but were not invited to, you may be considered a subsequent year after a re-application. The IRCC is still processing PGP sponsorship applications, but your admission is dependent on how soon you apply. This implies new applications submitted during the reopening of the program will be queued behind the current inventory.

As next year’s intake dates are yet to be set, future sponsors should let the immigration department know that they aspire to sponsor their candidates by submitting their interest via sponsorship forms. They should submit copies of their status in the country and their forms. That way, the IRCC can quickly identify duplicate submissions.

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