Notably, the interest to a sponsor form is not an application for the PGP. Therefore, the immigration department will send invites to people to apply for the sponsorship programs if they submit interests to sponsor forms during intake.

Prospect sponsors have two months from the invitation date to submit their letters of application coupled with permanent residence application. The invitation to apply cannot be transferred to other sponsors. If the IRCC cannot reach you as a sponsor, agents will email you.

Canada’s Aging Population

Canada is aware of its aging population. Like other Western countries, it seems that immigration is the solution. A few young people are working to retire. This trend should see the country’s healthcare costs rise by about 45% if there is a shortage of young people to balance retirees.

Why Canada Is Embracing Immigrants

Canada’s approach to invite immigraants will favor its economy because, for every 10% population increase from immigration, wages in the country are reduced by at least 4%, with a considerable impact on skilled workers with post-graduate degrees.

Because of the credential issue, immigrants are forced to find work way below their education level and at lower wages. But even for doing the skill level, more immigrants receive less compensation than the natives.

Immigrants who landed in Canada five years ago are likely to be employed in sectors that have less been impacted by the coronavirus. The off common sectors they are likely to be employed in include public administration and social assistance.

Final Thoughts

The empty rhetoric drives the fear of immigration, making Western politicians afraid of opposing voters’ growing number. Canada’s stand amid the fear of others shows their politician’s bravery to withstand the temptation to appease xenophobic constituents and not meet the citizens’ interests.

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