As part of the transformation of Canada’s immigration program, authorities are now focusing on fulfilling the promise made to those employed as live-in caregivers by Canadian families. This program has always been considered to be special in that it is the only one that offers permanent residence after two years of employment, allowing those who become part of it to continue life as Canadian residents.

But, due to the sheer amount of requests, a backlog had formed; delaying approvals even after the two year period had ended. Now, the authorities have decided to make good on their promise, granting permanent residence to those who qualify, an estimated 17,500 live in caregivers in 2014 alone.

Those benefited by the program include Canadian families who had not been able to retain the services of a domestic caregiver for any number of reasons, foreign trained caregivers who have completed their two years of employment, and those who require the services of a qualified caregiver for children, a disabled relative or the elderly.

Because of the new focus being placed on the Live-in Caregiver permanent residence program, Canadian authorities are expecting a record high in new acceptances for this year, bringing good news to applicants and employers alike, creating new and exciting employment opportunities for those who fill all the necessary requirements and are looking to reach the peak of their professional potential abroad.

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