Canada is very keen to see the economic success of the Canadian population of immigrants. Furthermore, the Canadian government tailors new economic immigration policies and programs to nominate a specific type of immigrant. Thus, these immigrants are those who have the most exceptional opportunities.

Meaningful and Productive Careers

These individuals will be able to find productive and meaningful careers in Canada’s challenging and competitive economy. Canada wants to provide these individuals with a unique situation and to give them a solid chance of successfully integrating into the Canadian labor force. This fact corresponds to the spirit and the letter of the texts of the labor code on the subject.

Hence, the employment situation is frequently conducive for companies wishing to recruit a foreigner. However, the jobs that many immigrants occupy are mostly unskilled or low-skilled (cleaning lady, unskilled worker, etc.) and in sectors of activity (personal services, construction, etc.) where the employers poorly develop continuing training. On the other hand, there are surveys on the diversity of populations in Canada that understand the trajectories and origins of immigrants.

Thus, the Canadian government creates immigration population controls under the impetus of helping immigrants. This aim is the first goal of the government, which becomes a way to control the population and migration statistics. Also, many of the immigrants have been granted protection by the Canadian government.

Therefore, many immigrants come to Canada as a form of asylum. At the local level, these integration actions should also be part of the methods used to help improve social cohesion for these immigrants.

The Employment Situation

Canada is a country that has a high percentage of immigrants. More affected by unemployment, they also remain unemployed for a more extended period than the population as a whole. For example, the average length of time immigrant individuals have been unemployed is often longer than that of the community as a whole. As indicated above, certain immigrants also wish to engage in debates on the values of the Canadian government.

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