However, immigrants often lead the to call for the policies implemented to be supplemented by a more concrete approach. They do this in the name of their attachment to their principles. Also, many immigrants are attached to the customs of their country of origin.

Thus, the Canadian government performs a few functions to convey a taste of Canada, its culture, landscapes, and history and to provide instructions for immigrants and a way for these people to understand the Canadian social codes. Opinion surveys carried out by the Canadian government are enlightening in this respect.

How Immigration Is Different for Different Immigrants

These facts concern more particularly people from the majority of the nations who immigrate to Canada. Still, we should not forget that immigrants from diverse origins may have a different experience when it comes to their immigration experience. The Canadian government nevertheless recalls that becoming Canadian is not an easy process.

Immigration is the meeting of two congenitally antagonistic forces. Thus, the different immigrants derive their originality precisely from this kind of substantiation, which is fuelled by the situation of various immigrants.


Finally, the second-generation immigrants’ financial performance is generally consistent and comparable to that experienced by other Canadians born in Canada. This fact suggests that while first-generation migrants do not do so well, they will be able to enable their children to have the same economic chances as other Canadian-born children.

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