Immigration to Canada has been under a lot of popularity and demand as more and more people are seeing the benefits and advantages of making life in Canada. With many new norms and regulations, and opportunities, the Canada immigration authorities are set to receive a higher number of applications under the numerous schemes. Adding to the good news, the immigration officials have decided to raise the maximum age for dependents to 21. Effective from 24th October, 2017 dependents under the age of 22 can now be included in the application.

This includes dependents under 22 who are unmarried or fall under a common-law partnership. From the initial maximum age of 19 for dependents, this new raise will be more flexible. However, the current norm will continue to be effective for the applications submitted between 1st August 2014 to 23rd October, 2017.

The new raised age bar will be applicable for applications submitted on or after October 24th 2017. Officials believe that changing the norms for existing applications may lead to delays and chaos.

Previously, the government had lowered the maximum age of dependent children on August 1, 2014. Before that day, from June 28, 2002, to July 31, 2014, the maximum age was set at less than 22 years of age. As a result, the upcoming change in the regulations resumes the maximum age back to its original definition.

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