The Canadian government hopes to use this pathway to help potential newcomers who do not qualify for the existing programs. This is a move for Canada to open doors for new immigrants. According to studies, an increase in the number of immigrants promotes the growth of the economy and improves job creation. Immigrants to Canada have a significant impact on the growth of the economy. The Interim Pathway for Caregivers will stay open from March 4, 2019, to June 4, 2019.

About The Interim Pathway for Caregivers

You may apply for permanent residence to Canada through the Interim Pathway for Caregivers if you meet the requirements. They include the following;

Be a Home Support Worker

Home support workers are employees who provide care and support to people living with disabilities, older adults, or sick children. To qualify for this job group, you need to work at the home of your client. This, however, does not include housekeeping. Some responsibilities of employees in this job group include;

  • Housekeeping routines
  • Bedside care which may include helping the client with their personal hygiene and getting them out of bed
  • Preparing meals and feeding the client
  • Offering companionship
  • Basic healthcare services such as administering medication

Be a Home Child Care Provider

A home childcare provider takes care of children of age 18 or younger. Employees in this category do not need to stay at the home of their employer. Some of their responsibilities include;

  • Preparing and serving their meals
  • Bathing the child and changing their diapers
  • Taking the child for their medical appointments
  • Ensuring that the environment at home is safe

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