As per a new Conference Board of Canada report, it is high time that Canada works on improving the job outcomes for its immigrants. This step is crucial for Canada to comprehend the importance of higher immigration levels.

Like any other nation, Canada too benefits from its immigrants in terms of economic growth. It is a well-known fact that immigrants play quite a significant role in boosting Canada’s economy, but still there is a lot more in this sphere that can be done to make things much better.

The loophole that is restraining Canada from seeking optimum benefits from immigration lies in its own employment hurdles. The Conference Board of Canada is of the opinion that Canada should improve its immigration levels in the coming times to facilitate a better economy for the nation.

The Board has been in talks about deciding upon the number of immigrants to be allowed in Canada in the coming years. This is a subject that has been oft discussed along immigration policies in the previous year. This report even mentions a forecast of Canada’s economic scene under three immigration set-ups from the year 2017-2040.

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