Canada desires to support immigrant women who wish to play sports. Playing sports helps these women to benefit from a social and community network that is proving useful in integration and developing connections for these immigrants. On the other hand, this integration process is always long and complicated. Also, the Canadian government is not unaware of the individualistic nature of these issues.

Nevertheless, the nation wishes to examine them in the light of international experience. Thus the Canadian society considers the fact that, in the face of increasing inflows, there can be no functional integration of immigrants in Canada without a definite improvement in the control of the integration experience. Thus, the encouraging of immigrant women to play sports is one tool that Canada plans to use to integrate immigrants into the Canadian way of life.

Why Playing Sports Is Good for Immigrant Women

Joining a new game or activity is an excellent way to socialize and get involved in a broader social community. Still, studies indicate that newcomer females are substantially less likely than immigrant men to be involved in physical activity and sport. Also, the solidarity of origins and affiliations is a valuable social resource.

For all these people present as immigrants, because they may have entered the country recently, regularisation procedures make their situation even more precarious. Contrary to what is often asserted, Canada remains a country of immigration. Hence, Canada wants to encourage these immigrant women to play games together with other immigrants and Canadian natives.

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