Newly-Arrived Immigrant Households

However, newly-arrived immigrant households often experience handicaps: difficulty realizing their dreams, larger families, etc. Hence, the nation wants to encourage immigrant women to play sports and to use this participation as a tool to integrate these individuals into the Canadian way of life. A non-profit group called the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity produced a set of methods that the nation may utilize to rectify the difficulties which may prevent immigrant women from playing sports after they arrive in Canada.

Concerning integration, many Canadians consider that foreigners need to learn to adopt the habits of Canadian life, and some believe that it is up to them to make an effort to integrate. Still, according to the studies, if Canadian immigrants are considered more like other Canadian people, we notice a particular pattern which concerns helping immigrants to integrate into the Canadian way of life. Additionally, each year, the Canadian government sets a target that defines the overall number of immigrants that can be brought in and is divided by province, with all areas now able to identify their immigration goals.

On the other hand, immigration necessarily includes, for all, a break, a form of renunciation, at least partial, of family and cultural traditions. This fact is because immigration is a disassociation of generations. Immigrant women are often people who often suffer from the distorted image that their behavior may prevent them from living happily in Canada.


At the same time, many people wish to encourage the playing of sports by women who are identified as having an immigrant background. Also, the primary motivation for this encouragement is because playing sports provides a way for the vast number of immigrants to integrate. These immigrants will then play the game of integration and integrate more fully with the Canadian way of life.

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