Effects of the Global Pandemic on Immigration to Canada

Since the pandemic, essential workerschave obtained a worldwide status like never before. Some are living in the Canadian provinces and are currently awaiting to achieve citizenship status so that they can continue to live and work there while enjoying full benefits.

In response to the recent worldwide travel restrictions, Canada has taken the initiative in welcoming those currently living there to seek full-time citizenship. At this time, the federal government has taken a special interest in essential workers and international students who have graduated and are presently employed or seeking employment in Canada.

Who Qualifies?

These programs are open to many with a few simple requirements. First, you have to meet occupational requirements or be a graduate from an approved program. You also need to be able to speak in English and in French, as they are the two main tongues in the Canadian provinces. At some point, you will be asked to complete a fluency exam in both languages as a major part of obtaining full citizenship status. There are otger requirements to meet, which is something that the government website should be able to explain at some point. There are certain criteria to follow when submitting your application and what identifying information needs to be submitted for review.

Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked question concerns the application process. When people ask, it is critical to know that all applications are now being accepted online and are based on a first come, first served basis. Those who have concerns about eligibility for citizenship already know that essential workers and graduates are currently at the top of the line. All applications must be filled out completely in order to be considered for eligibility. All application fees are due at the time that you apply and must be paid in full. If you are currently working, you cannot be on leave for any reason.

Another critical question that is most frequently asked is one involving documentation. Proof of your employment and a hard copy of your language test results are necessary, along with other identifying information. Background checks are to be completed and all have to be turned in at the sane time your citizenship application is completed. A thorough guide will explain the entire process and tell you what you need to do.

Setting Up Your Online Account

You will be thoroughly guided on setting up your online account and password. From there, the website will direct you straight to the appropriate stream where a complete list of needed documents can be accessed. The IMM form can be downloaded and filled out using the Adobe Acrobat software for immediate and easy access.

Some documents might take weeks to process, and that’s okay. They can be arranged for submission at a later date. Written proof is required, and the application guide will help you to understand how to get the right copies. Everything is outlined in detail in the application guide for your perusal.

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