Amount of Time It Takes: The Length of the Process

After you have completed your application, there will be a waiting period. The amount of time it takes could last anywhere from six months goung forward. Although nothing has been set yet, efforts are being made in this area. After it has been completed, you can pick and choose the program you’d like to participate in. The submission button automatically counts the number of people who are applying for Canadian citizenship.

Can You Apply to Multiple Streams? An Explanation

Applications are taken and you can apply for more than one stream. However, you are looking at several different fees that could total well into the thousands, so selecting one or two may be better advised, especially since all fees must be paid in full right up front.

Can Non-graduates Apply?

It is possible for those who have not graduated to apply for citizenship status in Canada. All that is needed is the required work experience plus 1,560 hour minimum over a three year period. Documentation is required and the rules for it are inside the guidebook.

Streams A and B

There are two major types of applicant streams. Stream A is more for health care workers, which is a highly regarded industry amid a global pandemic. Stream B refers to any other essential workers, whether they are police, fire, or other emergency personnel. Those under Stream A cannot apply under Stream B, nor can they use any occupations under that group even if they are working multiple essential jobs.

People who have been through general physicals and those who haven’t are each in their own separate subgroups. If you have had a health screening, you will need to provide actual proof of the results of your screening. You can even get what is called an “Upfront Medical,” which is the type of last minute physical that your doctor can provide for you to speed up your application. A Covid test is also required along with proof.

Those Living in Quebec

Although work and education credentials from Quebec are still being accepted, there are some other differences. The goal of living outside of Quebec is required as per regulations aimed at encouraging French speaking immigrants. Also, there are special immigration laws that allow Quebec to refrain from taking new applicants at this time.

With restrictions being lifted, travel and immigration to Canada will now be a reality. The future of its economy depends on international interest in the region.

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