The B.C Provincial Nominee Program Tech pilot allows B.C immigration officials to accelerate immigration processing for technology occupations that are in-demand. There are 32 occupations identified in the B.C technology scene and candidates are issued invitations to apply every week. Employers of tech companies get access to a special service wherein applications are assigned on the next working day in one of the identified occupations, this service is guaranteed.

The B.C PNP Tech Pilot is known for prioritizing applications that come in for technology sector for prevalent B.C categories. This implies candidates will have to adhere to the fundamental obligations of each B.C immigration class, that includes an employment offer from a B.C employer.

Categories include professionals in the health sector, skilled workers, International graduates and Post- graduates besides entry level/semi- skilled workers.


Features Of B.C PNP Tech Pilot

Committed/ exclusive concierge service

Employers in the technology sector have access to key immigration information.

Weekly invitations to candidates applying for the tech sector

Tech employers have the benefit of getting timely access to highly qualified candidates in the 32 identified tech occupations.

Priority Processing

Committed B.C Provincial Nominee Program Tech team and next working day assignment of applications for tech sector in the 32 key occupations.

Great Outreach

There are events and sessions customized for tech employers. The engagement is focused and the reach, extraordinary.

On April 25 2018, B.C immigration officials carried out a draw under the B.C Provincial Nominee Program. The draw invited 29 candidates to apply.

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