The current global job market is tough. Many countries around the world are battling with high unemployment rates. College graduates are struggling to find work, and it’s becoming more difficult to find employment in industries that you are skilled and experienced in. Because of this, it’s vital to use a variety of job searching methods to improve your chances of getting hired. Here are a few venues to take advantage of while performing your job search:

The Internet offers the ability for users to search online job postings and to upload your CV to multiple job sites. You can also look up company contact information and email your CV and cover letter to relevant people in a particular company, even if a job hasn’t been advertised. Also, trade websites offer an excellent opportunity for job seekers, because many companies only post available positions on these types of sites.

Social media is highly valuable because it offers a way of creating contacts that can give you inside information about available jobs. Ask around; everyone is a potential source for leads. Also, make use of offline networking for employment. This method is highly successful too.

You can generate useful and targeted leads by signing up with online recruitment agencies. Many vacancies aren’t advertised on public forums. An online recruitment agency often has inside contacts with many companies.


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