Are you planning to fly to Canada soon? Here we have compiled for you the latest information about websites, airlines that fly to Canada and any other thing you need to know to get you started before taking your trip.

Demand for flights to Canada has gone up lately, meaning that seat availability to certain regions changes every season. If you take your time to study these price fluctuations before undertaking your trip to Canada, then you can save a lot of money.

For instance, you should take indirect flights to Canada, though inconvenient, it is considered the cheapest method to reach Canada. Another trick that you may want to apply when going to Canada is taking layovers at Canadian airports instead of US airports. US airports will cost you time as they will need you to clear with their immigration and customs whenever you make a stop at their airports. After this time-consuming requirement, you will need to do the same once you arrive in Canada.

Another trick that will save you money is considering the distance between two airports. For instance, whenever planning to travel between Calgary and Edmond, towns that are three and a half hours apart, decide to stop at one airport and visit the other by bus. Taking flights to Vancouver costs $200 more than traveling via the US, using the Seattle-Tacoma route.
However, choosing this cheaper tactic via America will increase your arrival time to Canada by about four hours. At the border, the customs officials will want to check your details, causing your fellow bus travelers a lot of time inconvenience as they wait for your clearance.

Where can you get flight tickets to Canada?

Air Canada offers different routes from other parts of the world, as it is the largest airline in Canada. It has collaborations with airlines from Africa, Europe and other parts of the American continent. At number two comes in West Jet. The airline majorly serves the US and Europe, especially those coming in from the UK (Glasgow and London Gatwick), France and Ireland.

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