Another airline you can consider for your travel is Air Transit, which is currently the third-largest airline in Canada. It serves parts of Europe, including the UK, Ireland, France and America. Please take note that in America, it operates in some parts of Las Vegas and some airports in Florida.
Sunwing Airlines also offers flights to Canada. It serves customers from the US, the Caribbean region, Mexico and in some countries in South America.

It will be in your interest to note that other low-cost airlines are also making plans to offer flight services in Canada. These flights will be specifically essential to move from one Canadian city to another. However, you’ll need to carry out more research about their policies on the types of food they offer onboard.
Smaller Airlines that have these plans include Canada Jetliner, Swoop and Flair airlines.

International airlines from Europe that fly to Canada include: Edelweiss, Icelandair, TAP Portugal, Austrian Airlines, Aer Lingus, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, KLM.

American Airlines to Canada include: United, Delta and American Airlines

Asian Airlines to Canada Include: Japan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Air China, Jet Airways, Philippine Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines.

Africa airlines that fly to Canada include: Ethiopia Airlines and Egyptair

Southern Pacific airlines that fly to Canada include: Qantas airlines and Air New Zealand

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