Farming is one of the toughest jobs in Canada. Whether it’s Growing crops or rearing livestock, It’s up to you to choose from organic farming, tending a vineyard or rearing cattle, dairy and chickens in a farm.

Stress factor

The ability to labor under pressure is a very vital factor if you want to pursue your work in farming and agricultural sector. Since the risk factor remains high, you won’t be able to control the likes of your surroundings.

Your farm animals might fall ill and bring down production possibilities while on the other hand, untimely rain, heat or frost can make your crops suffer dire consequences. Furthermore, the prices of the products you vouch for can go through volatility which might increase your tension levels.


Roll and toil

Having a career in farming can be overwhelming and exhausting if you are lazy bones. Working in a farm won’t grant you any leave on weekends as everything around you will require constant care and you might end up working 14-16 hours a day! Life in a farm will make you a firm believer in the concept of “early to bed and early to rise”.


The risks of engaging in farming activities can bring about a number of challenges and difficulties in your path. The fluctuation of demands, prices and the public opinion of a product can change from time to time bringing about several stances of severe tension in your life.

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